May 22, 2007

Saved from Cheated( Every Car Owner must Read)

Written by my Wife .........

We were coming from Pune to Mumbai on sunday evening. When our car was at the signal at Chembur Naka, one man came running from footpath side and told my husband that there is a spark coming from bonnet side, looks like wire is short, check it. He said this much and crossed the signal quickly. We got worried and stopped the car in sideways after crossing the signal. There was young boy, dark, thin standing there, as if he was waiting for us. He guided my husband who was driving to the car on sideways. Then he asked him to open the bonnet for checking the spark problem. The boy asked for cotton cloth to clean his hand, Vikas came to driver seat to take the cloth, while doing this the boy loosen the wire toward white cylinder. Boy asked to start the car, then the big sparks came. He recommended that wire needs to be changed & vehile needs to be taken to garage nearby .
Another boy came running to help us near the car garage, he also did something, he ask to check, and sat on back seat of our car. This time the car started vobelling. Then he said the problem seems critical and ask to take left turn to his friends garrage. After reaching Bhaki Bhavan, he said , let me show you exactly where the problem is, so my husband stopped the car. Both got down from the car, and opened bonet to see the exact problem.Then this boy said you need a spare part replacement which will cost Rs 4500 and his labour charges of 300. Vikas initially agreed that went with him to buy the spare part from nearby shop. I felt suspious hence I told Vikas over mobile that this seems to be racket, as I had read news similar this incident where the man was cheated. Hence dont trust this man, please verify.
Immediately Vikas came back towards the car and called his NISHAD (Service Advisor)of Maruti authorised(Sai Service Andheri). NISHAD was quick in extending help inspite of it being Sunday and cautioned us on this racket. He helped my husband to rectify the problem by giving instructions over the phone. Post this car started running smoothly without sparks, vobelling also stopped.While conversation was on with Nishad over phone, the boy ran away as he understood that the they cannot cheat us .

Thanks to that person who wrote article in Marathi paper, which made us aware that such a thing can happen. and NISHAD who help us over phone on sunday evening else we couldnt have understood and resolved the problem.We saved our money and time along with mental peace.

In case you are getting your car service done from the same dealer than make sure that you have good rapport with ace service advisors like Nishad, Jitendra Pawar ,Manohar and D'mello.