Jan 9, 2008

Reliance Power IPO

In the first three months of 2008 , the total mobilization could touch a record Rs30,000crores as 170 to 180 IPO are lined up this year . ( this four times compared to last year)

Number of investors especially salaried class having limited funds to invest and are confused on which IPO to select ?

If you are looking for answer to the question " Should I invest in Reliance Power IPO? " than continue reading ...

Reliance is known for delivering high returns to its shareholders . When a group establishes such a trend than the trust becomes a single most important factor for investing.

This is main reason for the hype on Reliance Power IPO .

Relaince Power IPO will be oversubscribed and will be list at premium price giving good return for SHORT TERM .

However the prices will slide down or stagnate after listing in couple of months considering the nature of the industry. Power sector has high gestation period of 4 to 5 years .

Reliance is know for its power of execution and probability of setting up the power plants in record time is High . They had set-up Jamnagar refinery in record time .

Also The demand -supply situation is favourable for Power Sector . Accute shortage of power in the country will driving force for this stock in long run . Hence you will see an upward movement of share prices after couple of years

If you are not prepared to stay invested for a period of min 3 years than I suggest to Invest in this stock for short term ( 15 days )and make a quick buck .

Jan 5, 2008

SLOW TRACK option - a HR initiative

Life is stressful for a working women. At one end she has a demanding professional life and at the other end the personal life consumes lot of her time.

Under such situations its always the working women who has to dump the successful career and focuses on personal life . I am not saying its incorrect but the decision would have been different if the corporate in true sense create an environment that support the working women.The solution is simple.

HR to offer “ slow track “ option to the employees. All companies have a mechanism to identify “fast track”. The need of the hour is also to identify staff who is willing to be on slow track. This program to give an option of working for less number of hours for couple of years and proportionately the salary can be reduced. Also they should have an option to return back to normal working hours once are at comfort. The major difference being that the SLOW TRACK to be chosen by the employee and the FAST TRACK candidates are identified by the employer. Also HR to take care that slow track employees don’t get branded as Non- Performers.

This will be of a great help to working women, as the extra hours that she gets would help balance the personal and professional life. Especially for families with new born babies.

This HR initiative is in true sense will ensure the gender equality. If you agree to the thoughts than be quick in forwarding this to your HR Head and CEO. May be my blog can help you get “Tare Zameen Par ”.