Feb 2, 2008

Want to buy a Flat near a Slum or a Chawl ! !

My friend was planning to buy a flat in Mumbai. As always I was quick in helping him. I gave them details on one flat that was perfectly matching their specifications

My friend’s wife (Nita) wanted to know “ Is the flat near slum area?”

I informed Nita that it had no slum around 10 km radius and was expecting her to be happy to hear this. But I was shocked to hear when Nita mentioned that they looking at place that has chawl or a slum located atleast 2 to 3 km radius.

When enquired, Nita had a strong reason for such demand. She mentioned since they are both working, dependence on maid is heavy for cooking & upkeep of house. Also they need a dedicated resource to take care of their daughter Anjali. Even One day off request of the maid lead to a Chaos at home and Office. They are willing to spend Rs. 6000 to Rs 7000 for such services. Hence having a chawl or a slum close by ensures uninterrupted supply.

What Nita described looks like confirming research by well-known economist Roopa Purushothaman. Roopa’s latest report mentions urbanization will lead to generation of millions of Non farm jobs for rural sector. Urbanization is good for the country .We should not fear that it would result in Urban and rural divide. Increase in the urban consumption will result into increase in income level in rural sector.

We will see number of such needs that can be fulfilled by the semi skilled labour available at rural sector . Its an opportunity for an entrepreneur who can build a domestic BPO industry employing huge semi skilled labour in India.

Days are not far when India will also witness a dramatic change. A well dress maid will get down from her TATA NANO and flash a visiting card and say “ I am here to ensure the up-keep of our house!!.